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Regular Exercise Boosts Energy & Keeps Workers Balanced

regal exercise boosts energy

This year, companies are focusing on wellness and health in an effort to reduce sick days taken, increase productivity and improve employee morale. Many organizations are adding corporate wellness programs to provide even better support to their employees’ health and wellness goals. From promoting smoke-free workspaces to chiropractic services, companies are taking a whole-body approach to encourage their employees to make this year their healthiest. But what about fitness habits?

Sure, a large part of weight-loss and wellness management comes from the foods we eat and put into our bodies—but what about fitness and its role? When combined with proper nutrition, physical activity can help control weight and prevent obesity. It increases muscle strength, improves endurance, flexibility and posture and prevents back pain from causes such as Osteoporosis.

For many of us who regularly struggle to workout while balancing a hectic schedule at the office with raising families, regular exercise helps to combat stress and fatigue—two of the biggest issue areas that lead people to make unhealthy food and wellness choices.

Regular exercise, even in smaller doses, keeps the body in motion—and a body in motion stays in motion! No matter the intensity of a workout, if we regularly find time to workout, we’re more likely to stay on a path towards additional healthy choices—even small ones such as taking the stairs instead of elevator or saying no to that second (or even first!) slice of birthday cake at the office.

Though food and diet play a large role in our overall health, exercise too helps combat health conditions and diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, depression, and even a number of types of cancer and stroke. In fact, for those with Type 2 Diabetes, WebMD recommends strength training at least twice per week to help improve blood sugar control.

We all know work can be stressful, even life at home can be a struggle to keep everything balanced, and making a regular fitness routine a priority helps combat that stress. It gives us an emotional lift, allows us to blow off steam and even a small dose of exercise stimulates brain chemicals that help us feel more relaxed and decompressed.

Many companies do a great job of focusing on company morale and incentives. Maybe your office has a lunch cart or keeps the office kitchen stocked with healthy foods or gourmet coffee. It isn’t just strong coffee that will keep employees from burning out—especially in fast-paced work environments—but exercise too!

Regular physical activity improves muscle strength and boosts endurance. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissues and keeps the cardiovascular system working efficiently. All of these elements keep employees from tiring out too quick. When our bodies are working effectively we have an easier time maintaining the energy to stay focused. If you’re looking to encourage employees to make healthy decisions this year, or an employee looking to bring a wellness program to your workplace, be sure to check out our ActiveSoul app, available on both iTunes and Google Play.

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