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Make a Meaningful Impact with Your Workplace Wellness Program

Finding a work-life balance is hard enough, and finding a work-life workout can feel nearly impossible. Which is why it’s vital that workplaces offer the support during their employees' busy lives to help them find time for it all, including their exercise regimens. We’ve learned that when we feel well, we’ll both play and work well and it seems that companies are catching on to this trend, which is why we’re seeing an increase in corporate wellness programs across the country.

The vast majority of people spend one-third of our lives at their jobs, so it’s only natural and extremely important that we be able to incorporate physical fitness into the work schedule. You know we’re onto something when even the biggest insurance companies are pushing for corporate wellness programs.

Already, corporate wellness programs are a nearly eight billion dollar industry, and according to the Global Wellness Institute, a 40 billion dollar industry worldwide. These numbers are despite that only 9% of the global workforce has access to “workplace wellness” programs at their jobs. However, “workplace wellness” is a growing trend, with programs being more mainstream and accessible than ever.

Integrative health and nutrition coach Marissa Vicario explained to EHS Today that “when you take care of employees and foster a supportive work environment, employees will feel important and want to be a part of the culture.” This will naturally lead to better employee retention rates and higher productivity levels from employees. Simply put, Vicario urges companies to “invest in their people.”

The need to battle the existing “corporate wellness problem” is imminent, with over half of adults not reaching their minimum recommended level of physical activity. However, there are a plethora of channels that companies can explore in order to put their own corporate wellness programs into place. There’s more of an accessibility and ease of implementing “workplace wellness” than ever.

As corporate wellness programs become more prevalent, they will become more integrated into employees' lives. With the growing popularity of software platforms and wearables, we’re coming into the age of “digital health.” By using data integration, employers can receive more insight and greater metrics from employees. These data sources also allow for more personalized incentives and enable a wider range of employees to get more involved in and motivated by their physical health.

And the incentives rewarded by corporate wellness programs can be given in more than one form. Though monetary incentives are the most obvious, extended vacation and/or personal days are another way for companies to motivate their employees. Companies can then customize and tailor each employee’s particular workplace wellness, which builds the credibility of the wellness program, making it more tangible and something that their employees will actually take advantage of.

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