#MoveInMay: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, coming just in time for spring with the rejuvenating sunshine pulling all of us out of hibernation. This also means May is a big month at ActiveSoul, because fitness is what we do. Individually or with your peers, at home or at the gym, now is the time to get a head-start on May. Supposedly it takes about two weeks to form a habit. At this rate, you’ll be deep in your fitness routine by the second week of May.

For those ages 18-64, fitness becomes imminently more important. Which is why it’s imperative that the places we spend the vast majority of our time - the office - help us get to where we need to be. The statistics are unsettling - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that “more than half of adults do not reach the minimum recommended level of physical activity to see benefits to their health.” May is the month to change these numbers, and there are countless ways that companies can implement “workplace wellness” and motivate their employees to get fit:

  1. One-time class reimbursements and other recurring incentives that motivate fitness amongst employees.

  2. A walk-a-thon for charity, because people will feel even better knowing that they’re giving back.

  3. Team obstacle course race, creating healthy fun in the workplace.

  4. Bike-to-work day, which conveniently lands on Wednesday, May 8.

  5. Healthy meal potluck contest, because nutrition is an equally important part of fitness.

  6. Monetary incentives for individuals that show the most progress or reach a certain goal. Competition is an existing part of the workplace, so why not turn it towards physical fitness?

When the whole family is healthy, everyone is happy. Together, families can take walks, go swimming, or even spend an afternoon doing yard-work. It’s important for schools to get involved, and there are a handful of budget-friendly ways for them to do so. If you’re a teacher, administrator or parent, here are just a few ways your local schools can get involved to help the youngest generation get ahead, some of which are not much different than what adults can do on their own:

  1. Community/family fitness night that includes fitness demonstrations and education on community resources.

  2. A walk-a-thon, where students can raise money or other incentives for each mile tackled.

  3. School-wide field day or open gym, which can include parent participation as well.

  4. Health and fitness education in the morning announcements.

  5. Teaming up with local gyms and sporting good stores to offer discounts to students and families committed to making May an especially healthy month.

With May right around the corner, this is your best opportunity and easiest excuse to jump on the bandwagon and #moveinmay.

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