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Surviving Cold and Flu Season: Immune Boosting Health & Fitness Tips

Did you know that the immune system is considered to be the body’s intelligence? It’s a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to keep infectious things out of the body and to destroy any of those that do make it into the body.

While constant hand sanitizer application at work and antibacterial wipes on the airplane are great to protect your immune system, there is more you can be doing to strengthen your immune system from the inside out.

We’re still in winter, and the cold weather can weaken our bodies and get us down. So, whether you’ve been kind of sick for a few weeks and trying to get over something, or want to strengthen your immune system to prevent future infections, implement these tips and exercises into your health and fitness routine.

1. Aim for daily physical activity

You might not always have time for a 45-minute workout class, but it is possible that you can find ways to fit physical activity into your day. To make this goal measurable and achievable, try three 10-minute chunks of activity every day.

2. Incorporate strength training into your workout

Lifting weights is a resistance exercise that actually stimulates and strengthens the immune system. For an additional boost, make sure you include a day or two of strength training into your weekly physical activity.

3. Practice yoga for the immune system

Everyone knows yoga is good medicine for a lot of things—increasing flexibility, perfecting posture, improving your balance, and helping your focus.

Yoga touts another all-star benefit, draining your lymphatic system and boosting immunity.

When you stretch and contract in yoga, you are actually draining and flushing out your lymph—think anywhere you have lymph nodes such as the neck, chest area, hips, and more. This helps your immune system fight infection and get rid of any toxic waste floating around.

Be on the lookout for specific immune boosting or lymphatic flush yoga classes to really target this benefit.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep and water, two things we just can’t get enough of. If it feels like sleep makes many of our lists, that’s because it’s vitally important to your well-being. Sleep is one of the very best things you can do to boost your immune system. Sleep triggers the release of special proteins called cytokines, which are vital for combating illness. When you get a good night’s sleep (aim for 8 hours) you are giving your body the best opportunity to support good health.

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