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5 Workouts to Spice Up Your Relationship

Want a healthier relationship? Start working out together. Your brain produces endorphins when you exercise. Believe it or not, those “happy pills” of hormones play a key role in long-term relationships by generating soothing, peaceful and secure feelings. All important for a healthy relationship, right?

Not only will your love life improve, but your workouts will, too. Exercising with a partner increases motivation. You can give each other that extra nudge to do ten more squats… or run one more mile… The encouragement and support you receive from your partner will incentivize you to push yourself harder. You’ll feel stronger and more confident which will lead to feeling sexier.

Need some ideas to up your fitness game with your sweetie? Here are 5 workout suggestions for couples.

Outdoor fun

There are numerous health benefits for spending time outside. Hop on your bike or lace up those running shoes and hit the great outdoors. Enjoy a mountain trail, head to a neighborhood park or take to the streets of an unfamiliar area of town. Occasionally set a destination to extend the fun – maybe lunch on a patio.

Couples yoga

If you thought yoga was only a solo exercise, you’re about to learn something new. Partner yoga creates an intimate experience, requiring trust, communication and even playfulness. The touch, focus and unity involved help deepen a couple’s closeness and connectivity. Here are 10 partner yoga poses to try. No need to be an expert yogi to participate. Do what feels comfortable.


Not only is dancing a fun activity, but it’s also a calorie burner. Add to that, dancing is sensual and romantic. Salsa dancing, in particular, is flirtatious with lots of hip movement and teamwork. Time to get your rhythm on and hit the dancefloor with your partner.

Partner exercises

There are plenty of exercises couples can do with each other. Endless really… mix it up with strength exercises, medicine balls, resistance bands, etc. Get some adrenalin flowing together by giving these a try.


Create a fitness challenge for the two of you. You could have a sit up, push up or plank contest, for instance. Make each person’s goal appropriate to their current ability. Be supportive and encourage each other to succeed. Raise the challenge stakes by making some friendly wagers based on who meets their goal first or who exceeds their goal by a higher percentage. How about winner gets breakfast in bed for a week? Or a hall pass on a month’s worth of laundry duty?

Exercising with your significant other is a great way to spend quality time together and strengthen your relationship. Time to get those partner workouts on the calendar!

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