How to Attract and Keep Millennials

Let’s face it, companies are struggling to attract and keep good employees. The unemployment rate in September 2018 of 3.7% is the lowest in almost 50 years. What does this mean to employers? You have to step up your game to get talented loyal team members. Know who your prime target should be? Millennials!

Millennials, those listed by the U.S. Census as born roughly between 1982 and 1998, have surpassed baby boomers as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force.

Millennials are more about work-life balance. Give them flexibility, not rigid parameters. They want to find time to incorporate fitness and vacation into their lives, while still working hard. They want a company that gets this, values them and supports their health and wellness.

Corporate wellness programs improve employee productivity and well-being. It’s pretty common these days for companies to provide wellness programs; but it might be time to re-evaluate the fitness element to line up with the desires of the millennial generation. Millennials want choices, not limitations.

Most fitness platforms are limiting with only one or two features like reimbursing memberships to a specific gym, tracking only one type of exercise or syncing with one specific wearable device. These are great features but don’t fully align with the fitness choices of all employees.

By contrast, ActiveSoul provides access to over 30,000 gyms, 250,000 fitness classes and 7,000 running races nationwide; uses a GPS tracker for independent workouts like outdoor cycling; and syncs with over 300 fitness wearables to record metrics. ActiveSoul helps increase employee participation in wellness programs by supporting the fitness needs of all employees regardless of their workout preference.

Millennials are tech-savvy--some practically born with a bottle in one hand and a smart phone in the other. That ability to find the answer to almost any question by simply looking it up on a smart phone has created a generation used to and partial to instant gratification.

ActiveSoul’s mobile app embraces that by providing a user-friendly platform to encourage wellness participation. This is really helpful considering the importance that millennials place on vacation. 80% of millennials want to stay active while on vacation. Through geo-location capabilities, ActiveSoul app users can quickly find nearby gyms/studios and class times when traveling across the country. Just as easily, the app’s GPS tracker can track non-gym activities.

Not only was ActiveSoul designed to improve employee health and well-being, but it also created an easier more complete fitness platform for employers. It’s fully automated and eliminates admin and admin costs for HR departments. With its proprietary technology, it seamlessly manages incentive tracking and reimbursement reports.

So how do you attract and keep millennials? Focus on career benefits--millennials expect more. And with the low unemployment rate, they have choices. It’s up to companies to create benefit packages that address millennials’ priorities.

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