Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas to Encourage Wellness in 2019

Shopping for family and friends during the holiday season can be stressful, let alone the pressure to show your support and thankfulness for employees, during the holiday season. Many corporations focus on treating employees to a robust holiday party celebration, but some businesses are looking forward into the new year and trying to help employees put wellness first.

To help your business keep health a priority as we round the holiday season, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite corporate holiday gift ideas, to encourage wellness in the new year.

1. The Five-Minute Journal, by Intelligent Change

Encourage employees to start their day on the right foot, using the science of positive psychology to improve happiness and live life with intention. The Five Minute Journal encourages users to focus on being more mindful throughout the day. Much like a gratitude journal, the concept behind the The Five-Minute Journal helps individuals to alter the actions you take each day in an effort to create the results you want.

2. Glass Water Bottle, by Lifefactory

Encourage employees to switch to a reusable glass water bottle and put the environment and their health first. Glass water bottles keep away the chemical leaching that occurs often with plastic and metal bottles. These Lifefactory glass water bottles offer a protective, no-slip gripping surface, and the mouth is wide enough for ice or fruit so employees can experiment with infused water flavors like cucumber and mint or strawberry and lime-infused water.

3. 9 to 5 Essential Oil Kit, by Twig + Petal

This essential oil kit will help your employees stay mindful and focused during the workday. From stress relief to an energy boost, these essential oils, bottled in Los Angeles, contain all the essentials like Headache Relief, Digestion Ease and Immunity Boost. Not to mention, essential oils are a great way to encourage more healthful alternatives to the traditional go-to’s for problem solving such as caffeine or aspirin for those at-work headaches.

4. Productivity Planner, by Intelligent Change

Help employees beat procrastination in the new year, and move through each day proud of the work they’ve accomplished. Though this gift might seem like a gift for your company, it’s really focused on helping employees tackle the tasks that emotionally weigh them down, to battle procrastination and move through the day with more intention and focus.

5. Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Gift your employees a collection of healthy and eco-friendly alternatives this holiday season, and be sure to include a set of these reusable stainless steel straws, perfect for 20 oz, 30 oz and 40 oz tumblers so no matter what, your employees help cut down on the waste of plastic straws in our environment, while encouraging employees to stay hydrated or perhaps venture into that juice detox they’ve added to their New Years Resolution list.

6. Sleep Tight Gift Set, by This Works

This mini SOS gift kit encourages a natural way to get a full night’s rest, by restoring natural slumber patterns. The kit includes three sleep aids containing 100% natural essential oils, proven to promote relaxation and aid in a restful night.

7. Rainbow Band Water Tumbler

This tumbler is a great way to keep track of how much water you’ve consumed. Simply push one of the rainbow bands up to monitor water intake. Encourage employees to put health first, by motivating them to stay hydrated.

8. Partner with ActiveSoul

We have to add our very own app to the list—after all, the ActiveSoul app is the perfect way to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for your employees, regardless of their personal preference for one fitness activity over another.

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