Using Technology to Achieve Goals and Minimize Stress

With the increasing reliance of technology at work, coupled with our constant attachment to technology once leaving the office, the line between time on and off the clock is often just a mere blur.

When always on the clock, we are left with little time for our bodies to relax, leading to chronic stress. This stress is often paired with poor habits - eating too much or too little, smoking, not sleeping much or sleeping well, and not exercising. When this stress manifests into depression and low levels of social support, its effects can be even worse.

Employees are overwhelmed, and employers are struggling to find and implement effective solutions.

It’s difficult to start and maintain healthy habits when we’re aware of all the ways we can improve. It takes willpower to start our day by going to the gym, instead of reaching for that morning pastry. Therefore, wellness programs should be simple and straightforward, guiding employees to focus on one or two goals at a time. They shouldn’t overwhelm employees even more.

There are several strategies that we can encourage our employees to follow when setting up these goals. Only focus on one goal until we achieve consistent success, for example. Or narrow in on micro-behaviors: rather than saying we want to “eat healthier,” identify what specifically we’re aiming for. To consume less sugar? To eat more vegetables? The more concrete our goals, the easier it is to visualize and manifest.

“Work out more often” was in the top 10 new year’s resolutions for 2018. Most of us are aware we need to work out more and 80% of us don’t meet the recommended exercise levels. Even though very rarely do we regret a workout, it’s hard for many of us to motivate ourselves to lace up our tennis shoes and head to the gym. For all habit-forming, it’s important that our environment is conducive to the habits we want to follow.

Signing up for a program like ActiveSoul helps and provides a solution for success. With 250,000 classes at 25,000 studios to encompass a wide range of fitness levels, it’s impossible to not find a class that’s right for our abilities and interests. It’s also possible to find an organized race through the app, which can be a shared activity for employees. Employers only have to pay for actual activity, which saves companies an average of 52% on unused memberships. With the built-in tracking, it’s easy to choose a specific fitness habit and monitor its success.

Forming better habits to counteract work-related stress can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Setting up wellness systems within a company allows employees to better manage their health.