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8 Ways to Create a More Healthful Work Environment

Today we're sharing 8 Ways to Create a More Healthful Work Environment, and ensure you're offering your employees the best and most wellness-inspired options to keep them feeling at their best, to help them move forward at their most productive.

Update Your Vending Machine Options

Make it easy and convenient to access healthy food. Replace most, if not all, of the snacks in the vending machines with healthier options. HealthyYOUVending provides over 2,500 different healthy drinks, snacks, and entrees to select from to fill your vending machines.

Provide Free Healthy Staples

Consider providing free healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, nuts, or yogurt. This article has suggestions for different snack services depending on the number of employees in your office.

Upgrade Your Catering Choices

For events, choose a catering service that provides employees with a balanced meal, or options for those that are vegan and gluten-free. For smaller meetings, choose a vendor that allows employees to place their own orders, so they can choose something that fits their dietary restrictions and needs.

Encourage Fresh Food Prep at Work

If the office has a kitchen, provide appliances that encourage employees to make their own snacks or lunches, like juicers, blenders, toaster ovens or anything on this list.

Designate a Quiet Space

Create one part of the office to serve as a quiet space. Especially as open office plans gain popularity, it’s important to allow employees who function better in quiet, or any employee who needs some time to recharge alone, the space to do so. If unassigned rooms aren’t an option, add dividers or rearrange furniture by turning it away from the rest of the office to define the space.

Encourage Communication

Reduce stress by enforcing an open and communicative workplace culture. Prioritize employees to feel comfortable in voicing opinions or concerns to management, without fear of retaliation. Incorporate consistent feedback into the workplace culture so these conversations are encouraged to happen.

Support a Work-Life Balance

Encourage employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance by being flexible about working from home or setting their own schedule.

Encourage Regular Exercise

Encourage employees to exercise with an app like ActiveSoul. Removing the cost deterrent can help employees stay physically active.