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How Corporate Wellness Programs Make a Positive Difference for Your Employees

Unique work environments--such as the slides at Google--continue to gain attention proving out Google’s attempt to treat their employees as people, not just staff. People benefit from being energized within the 9-5 monotony, and gravitate towards workplace environments that offer more than the average office cubicle environment and standard benefits package.

While it is a financial commitment, money invested in programs such as an employee wellness program, often yield benefits back to the employer through healthcare savings and increased productivity. Exercise programs, even low-intensity, leads to more mental and physical energy, noticeable in just a few weeks--and often channelled into gains in workplace productivity.

Even the benefits to one’s mood--from some simple exercise that day--increases happiness and productivity immediately and will have a positive impact on the workplace. A habit of regular exercise keeps individuals mentally sharper throughout ones entire life.

We all know exercise is good for us, and yet two-thirds of us don’t exercise as often as we should. Habits are hard to break, with new habits more difficult to create--especially with the range of excuses from lack of time, to money, to the inconvenience in our day. A good wellness program should be easy for individuals to incorporate, so it’s important for employers to strategize the right program and best fit for its company. People want to be healthier and the right wellness program will help achieve this goal.

Helping employees make exercise and other well-being practices a habit encourages higher participation and long-term health benefits. As more employees participate and a company’s collective health improves, both parties will pay less for illness-related costs. These savings can be very notable. The University of Louisville implemented a wellness program, with three-quarters of its employees participating, where each employee received $7 in return for every $1 spent on the program.

Through helping develop a more productive, happy and healthy team, corporate wellness programs demonstrate to employees that their personal well-being is a priority both in the short-term and long-term.

More individuals are recognizing that while doctors may diagnose health and health-related issues, their healthcare provider is not the only factor in determining one’s health. Where employees work plays a huge role in overall health and employers can use this to their advantage by incorporating wellness into their corporate strategy.

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